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There's always this question that why do we call FitNEED® the new generation of protein bars?  Providing fresh, tasty, and nutritious food for astronauts was one of the main challenges for NASA's space programs. The first nutrition bars were launched in the 1960s under Space Food Sticks. They were long-lasting bars with unique shapes and sizes to make astronauts consume them easily in space while wearing their helmets.After space missions, nutrition bars quickly transformed into a high-energy food source for people. But there was a big problem; They all had lots of calories and sugar. Food companies produced another generation of energy bars with lower calories. They infused them with protein to fulfill the craving for longer. Although they still added lots of sugar to maintain the excellent taste.People became more aware of a healthy diet, and their desire to consume more nutritional products arose. Accordingly, companies changed their recipes to make more nutritious protein bars with less sugar and less calorie. Although, retaining good taste has become a challenge. They decided to make a balance between health and good taste by coating the bars. Coating with unhealthy substances like chocolates and harmful hydrogenated oils might make them delicious, but it increases their calories. That's when the FitNEED® came to life. FitNEED®, The new generation of protein bars using 100% natural ingredients, is an excellent protein, fiber, and vitamins source with a tempting flavor. Being no sugar added, gluten-free, and non-GMO is why we emphasize its clear ingredients. ​Today, FitNEED®protein bars are for everyone who's looking for quick pick-me-up energy and a healthy snack.

How it begins?

FitNEED® was founded by Hassan, an entrepreneur who is always on the move.
His sixteen years of experience in supplying natural and healthy ingredients led him to discover a talent: creating nutritious products that maintain overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. His attitude of providing healthy ingredients inspires what we do today.

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